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PROBIOTIC Child Bundle (2 boxes)

PROBIOTIC Child Bundle (2 boxes)

Redesigned and specifically formulated for children, GBN Premium Children's Probiotic 10 Billion Active Cells with 11 unique strains of bacteria helps maintain a healthy digestive system, immune system and beneficial gut flora. 


    Maltodextrin, L.acidophilus (La-14), L. reuteri (1E1), L.acidophilus (NCFM), B. lactis (Bi-07), L. casei (Lc-11), L. plantarum (Lp-115), L. paracasei (Lpc-37), B. lactis (BB-12), B. infantis (Bi-26), L. fermentum (SBS-1), B. breve (Bb-03)


    Free shipping for any orders with two boxes and above of any products in the US and Canada. Shipping for a single box at $9.99.


    We ship internationally. Please contact us for any international shipping details.

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