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GBN Ultraforce Probiotic

GBN Ultraforce Probiotic

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GBN Ultraforce Premium Probiotic 60 Billion Active Cells with 10 unique strains of bacteria helps maintain a healthy digestive system, immune system and beneficial gut flora. Includes essential prebiotics to aid the growth of beneficial bacterial gut flora. Developed by GBN Health technologies in partnership with DuPont. Take charge of your digestive health with Ultraforce Premium Probiotic!

  • 10 Unique Strains of Probiotics

    Ultraforce Premium Probiotic contains 10 unique strains of beneficial bacteria, L. casei, L, fermentum, B. longum, B. lactis (BI-04), L. Plantarium, B. lactis (BB-12), L. paracasei. L. gasseri, L. acidophilus, and B. Lactis (HN019); paired with prebiotics Xylooligosaccharide, and maltodextrin, these microbes all work together to help you maintain your gastrointestinal health.

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