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Limited time offer! Buy two or more CRANBEX, receive a 25% discount on all CRANBEX products in your order!


Introducing CRANBEX, a super shot of concentrated, low calorie, nutritious fruit juice filled with antioxidants, and vitamin C. GBN fortifies Cranbex cranberry concentrate with cranberry extract to ensure you get the maximum benefit from cranberries every single day. Contains high amount of A-Type Proanthocyanidins that helps with preventing UTIs.


    • Each Cranbex equals 7 cranberry capsules(500 mg, 36:1) or 100 fresh cranberries or 10 glasses of 240ml cranberry juice.
    • GBN patented formula extraction, provides you micromolecules with superior absorption.
    • Pharmaceutical-grade packaging, retains the activity of A-PACs while avoiding oxidation.
    • A-PACs is a special antioxidant that is effective in preventing UTIs.

    Water, cranberry juice concentrate, cranberry extract (50:1), acerola cherry extract, bromelain, sucralose, sorbic acid


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