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Our Missions


Dedicated to the selection of good quality ingredients

In order to ensure the quality of our ingredients right from the source, GBN selects healthy, wholesome ingredients for our products from areas with the most suitable natural environment, climate conditions and soil nutrition. We are involved every step of the way to maintain the quality of our products from sourcing ingredients, to production and processing, as well as marketing.

Specializing in advanced nutrition technology

GBN is dedicated to create new, unique products by combining nutritional science and state of the art production technology. We partner with numerous universities and colleges across North America to conduct comprehensive research on our products. We also take inspiration from modern pharmaceutical research and development to pursue our goals.

Male Scientist
Vaccine Production Line

Professional establishment of higher standards

GBN has world-class equipments and automated production lines with strict standards and quality controls. Our in-house and partner laboratories are able to carry out microbiological testing, heavy metal content testing, pesticide residue testing, as well as active and signature ingredient testing of raw materials to ensure the safety of all our products.

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